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RENAULT MediaNav free maps - tutorial

1. Before the update check your current software version!
2. download synctool patch according to your version:


Medianav Evolution

If your current system version is not any of the listed above, than you must do official update first. The latest at the moment is 4.1.0 for Medianav and 9.1.3 for Medianav Evolution! You can use naviextras Medianav toolbox to do the official sw update. SW update is always free ( Only after the update proceed to step 2.

3. Copy update.lgu (from the step 2) to an empty fat32 formatted USB. Start the car and insert USB

4. Confirm the synctool update and wait about 1-2 min...When the job is done you now have crack*d navi version on your system which will accept any map from now on. This doesn't visually change anything it only replaces nng.exe file and modified synctool files which are essential for transferring new maps. After the update make sure that you delete upgrade.lgu file from USB if you are using the same USB for the next step.

5. Now you need go to "options ->map update ->options ->update" which will collect and send device information to your USB.

6. Go to your PC, insert USB and start medianavtoolbox-native.
First time you launch the medianavtoolbox, you'll need to set a path for the iGO content which you like to use for synchronising with your device (Here 2018.Q1 for eg.). Than you are ready to use the app to delete and add map(s) and other content from your choice.

7. When you are finished adding/deleting maps, start the car and insert may take some time to read the update on your USB. Confirm the update, wait until is finished. Leave the car running during the whole process!

8. Enjoy your updated navigation!

Attached Files

iGO R3 HERE [Navteq] 2018.Q1 EUROPE - Torrent (1).rar

23.61 KB
If you are copying my tutorial from another forum I would at least expect you to give me some credits for that effort! Google links will shortly be deleted..
It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer (Albert Einstein)
Thanks given by: nikolat , zi0m3k , Renclio2017 , skyrimos , ruka2 , johnny s , meli , ykoky
Sorry friend. All credits goes to you. I didnt wanted any credits for myself just wanted to help others who had same problem. Thank you once again.
Thanks given by:
Tried work  Thank Friend Cheer2
Thanks given by:
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It worked like a charm in Captur 2014, Software Version 4.01.
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