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Random: How sensitive SRS modules can be
Random tip from something I just discovered today... I was instructing my apprentice to remove the electronic shifter selector from a 2000 W210. I leave him to continue on my own jobs. I hear the impacts of his electric impact gun removing bolts from the shifter. All the sudden I hear "BANG!" I run over and hear an alarm going off an see smoke from the back seat of the car. I yelled at him to freeze and slowly exit the vehicle. It seems the vibration or impacts of the rattle gun close to the SRS module deployed the rear seatbelt retractor explosives. I have never seen, heard, or experienced this in all my history of working around these. Im not saying that was NOT supposed to happen, but lesson learned. I have always been careful around sensitive modules and I hope this also helps others to be careful and think before their actions.
Sometimes an old school ratchet wrench or a spanner are the right tools for the job. Smile
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A apprentice should not be allowed to work without supervision...
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for research purposes: Was the ignition turned on at that time?
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(08-11-2018, 12:33 PM)alexjx Wrote: for research purposes: Was the ignition turned on at that time?

good question, maybe he was listening to radio with key on at the same time
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(08-11-2018, 12:33 PM)alexjx Wrote: for research purposes: Was the ignition turned on at that time?

No, key was out.
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Lesson learn and good thing no one has been hurt.
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Electrical residual voltage!!
In such cases, the battery should be completely disconnected, and the car with the disconnected battery min. for 0.5 hours forsake, after then calm and work carefully.
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That’s why many countries require licenses to work on airbags and it’s a misdemeanor if unlicensed people manipulate airbags and airbag related parts.
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