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Renault Clip v188 installation corrupted.

Hi guys , i have installed clip renault v188. I have a old installation of clip 175.
Removed and click activation clip reg. File. Installed new a...restart and after finish installation i replaced rsr.exe but when i click not open nothing.
When i click on clip.exe for start give me response "  installation clip is corrupted."
I have removed reg.xml and ntuser.dat but is the same result, restored rsr.exe but nothing.
Possible who this version on forum of v188 are corrupted....?
Anyone have a solution?.
Please help.

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Try to open in admin mode with right clic on your mouse.

If not works uou need to reinstall with good CD or image disk
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I have installed 188 189 185 and 182 but have same this error. Can you help me with a good version image?
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