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Renault Koleos 2TR DF299 ECU SYNC LOST after crash

Hello MHH! I need some advice with this Koleos 2012, nissan engine 2TR. Car crashed, i reseted crash from airbag, and emulated all airbags. Airbag light is off now, but car dont start, and i have DF299 in the UCH, that is Ecu immo synchro problem if i understand well. I supose the ecu lost immo sync for some reason (in another workshop someone was playing before me). What can i do with this??? I have can clip, a lot of programmers... nut sure how to proceed. The key card is recognized well, checked with clip. Maybe i need to virgin the ecu and write the key card??? Thanks for any advice.

Ecu: mec121-440

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