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Renault Reprog v. 102

(03-26-2012, 08:20 PM)Andywill Wrote: Thank you. Will try and give it a go. Uusally when i enter a programming sequence through clip, it gets so far and then requests an authorisation code from 533 Thank you again.


Well, i advice you 1st to read with ATTENTION the Re-Prog Procedure from Here! Sweating

Good Luck! Fing32

Regards! Cheer2
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I heard people say V 97 is latest , But i am glad thats not treu
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(03-28-2012, 12:35 AM)Russel Wrote: I heard people say V 97 is latest , But i am glad thats not treu


YES Nod Re-Prog V97 is the LAST witch existing in Official Disc! Smile
V102 and now V105 and any future Versions they are "Stolen" from Renault S.A. Servers
(from the Central Offices) and some guys we "Helping" about those... Listen

Regards! Cheer2

Thanks given by: Russel

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