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Renault scenic 1.6 16v sirius 32/34 problem

Hi all,
i have a scenic 1.6 16 v with sirius 32n on this. the ecu is broken so i bought a new starter kit(ecu ring uch and key) from same car, same year 2000 and same engine. But it dosen't start.... new ecu is sirius 34. is there any way to make it working? if i read the flash and write an sirius 32 one will it start? I have errors on sensors and actuators.


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Software for Sirius32 must working in Sirius32 that's all.
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so no way to make it works with this pack ?..
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No way to make your engine start with sirius34 in place of sirius32
sirius32 is throttle pedal on cable actuating , sirius34 is for motorised electronic throttle body accelerator
this you can see yourself your engine is cable actuating accelerator pedal
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get used 32n and do immo off with ktag or fg
Thanks given by: rambobo
thx guys, going to find a sirius 32n..
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