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Reset Functions Via OBD2,UDS,CAN Frame or other.


I have always had an interest in how things work and reverse engineering and i plan on doing some work on creating own diagnostic device/software, I am quite far from that point yet and just trying currently to get my understanding and knowledge up to scratch.

With Special functions like DPF reset for example is this done via odb2 uds or can frame. I am not sure on how the tools on the market approach this and if it is just done by vendor specific pid messages via odb or if these devices utilise uds.

I understand this will be different with different makes and models but i am trying to further my understanding.

I am guessing the best way to learn this will be to start of with a OEM diagnostic equipment with ODB splitter and can bus logger as if is is over odb i will see 7DF 7E8 to identify the requests and responses but before i go down this route and start having to decode the CAN frames i thought i would see if anyone could give me any helpful knowledge to start me off.
Thanks given by: johnhenderson

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