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SGM on FCA vehicle

Hi everyone, 
Today in the workshop, a fiat 500X from 2019 entered for a service reset. 
I can't do that with my ms908 cause apparently for new FCA group's cars you need the SGM adaptator....
What's up with them ? is there a way to bypass the SGM security fonction to restore all OBD2 Function ? 
I've ordered the SGM harness but plugging it is a complete waste of time and money ( the plug are behing the radio ... )
The only things you can do by obd2 is eobd function. Nothing more....éssoires-maxisys/212-câble-sgm-fca-128.html 

If anyone have a solution, some can trames to send to get full access or anything like that you're gonna be, for me and i think a lot's more people here, a good savior.
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