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SKP 900 key programmer


Does someone have this programmer and is it good?
if i have help you press only this reputation and thisFing32 thanks
Thanks given by: CarkeyCenter
Well, it does not support any model below 2010, 90 percent of the car list are for 2010 and above, so if you have in mind to work on old cars, they do not have no provision for old model of cars software's... I ask the manufacture, they said, they re old year makes, so they re more into new cars, and I said that is bad mentality
Automotive electronics there are Lots of videos on you tube for this tool I have been watching them myself check them out. I think it looks good
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I use it to do Keys on LR cars, Range Rover and Evoque and it works good !
Thanks given by: vyktormvmpay25
2000 year on vag tried works nice Smile
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where did you all buy yours from? what about audi?
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I test in toyota hilux, prado, mazda 3,6, nissan sentra B16, tiida,murano and it work great. I recommend for new model for old i use T300.

Enviado desde mi SM-G900F mediante Tapatalk
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Works very fine... compare price..... if you need i selling from USA. $775.- Have updates via internet... Tup
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Is it true that there is a lifetime free update?
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