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SUPERB EDC16U34 Strange ECU issue.

We have a Skoda Superb 2.0TDI , 140hp with EDC16U34.
Whenever we switch ON the A/C it won't activate the fan so after a minute it shuts off the A/C due to high pressure.
The engine radiator fan works properly.

I have flashed the ecu with an original file from 1.9 version.
The engine has poor performance but the A/C and it's fan works properly.

The first file is the stock one found in the ECU.
The second one is the 1.9 version which makes the A/C fan work as expected.


Superb 2000 1037395411_03G906021AB_03G906021QP.rar

538.81 KB


Superb EDC16U34 1900.rar

507.13 KB
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Both file are 1.9 tdi file one of them passat 1.9 tdi other superb 1.9 tdi file. and both ori
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i can increase power in your file if you need

.....the problem with fan ...write your original skoda file not passat file
Experience over 20 Years
Always Service "online" if any Problems
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I confirm one passat file the other superb all 1.9
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How you confirm that the first one is 1.9?

I bought this one and it is identical with it.
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The car should have  failed DPF Temp Sensor and now it throws P0546 dtc.
Any chance the ecu reads wrong exhaust temp and as a fail safe, turns off the A/C?
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