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Scamer Norman Blanco NORMAN2550 Paypal " [email protected]"

Scamer Norman Blanco NORMAN2550 Paypal " [email protected]"
He took a lot of money and many people is reporting him with me.
All people take care and never do with him anything

Becasefull with him, he will take money and go away

1. Admin: warning about this IP and user name, he will be thief with all member here
2. Member mhh: Note about this case when sell and buy
3. All member and buyer and seller from Nicaragua note about this case

His name paypal: Norman Blanco NORMAN2550
His paypal: [email protected]
His number: +50588337760
Country from: Nicaragua
So many people is lost money by this guy scam orman Blanco NORMAN2550 Nicaragua

"Thank you my friend, he wanted to buy my cnh 9.1 keymaker, my jonh deere also online user, and wanted to fool me too, made a payment schedule for me to send the program to him, but I was smarter only to send when the money was in my hands, and really wanted to fool me there was no payment. Whenever buying something always check the history, if it is very cheap do not buy, my keymaker always seeing above 2000 usd even more when there is not much sellers."
Thanks given by: mcartier
good.I also thought he is cheater
Thanks given by:
good morning friends
offical abrites dealer &
Thanks given by: mcartier
all guy ask you about Key, Keygen, Keygen marker, keygen unlocked... so carefully with them so easy scammer
Thanks given by: msd1234 , kamaleon
Note and warning and carefully scam.
Thanks given by:
Pop up for take care this guy scamer.
Thanks given by:

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