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Sd connect wifi problem

Hello all,

I have installed xentry openshell 2015.12 on win7 without problem all is working fine.

But i have a problem to connect my sd connect with wireless connection, ( all is working fine on LAN connection )

Im sure my configuration settings are good because with my older Windows XP installation all was working fine, but in win7 my problem is, sometimes i can see my sd connect on wifi connection available and sometimes no, i dont know why.....

And when i can see it, i can connect my computer on wifi with it by ad-hoc , all work perfectly, but when i restart computer or the sd he doesnt see it in wifi available....

There is someone for help me please???

Sorry for my bad english im french

PS: all drivers on my computer are good, and i dont know why in Windows XP wifi connection with SD is working but no on Windows 7???

Thank you all ;-)
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Try look here
Thanks given by: heska77240
Thank laco210 i will show this thread ;-)
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(01-25-2016, 01:01 AM)laco210 Wrote: Try look here

Thank you laco210 its working well ;-)
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