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Sdconnect c4 laptop battery

Anyone knows where I can get a new battery for sdconnect c4 laptop?
I tried googling it but couldn't find the information.
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what type of laptop ? u did not say the make and model of the laptop
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I think that he's referring to compact 4 battery

Remove battery and there is a code written on it but I don't think you'll find something.

Can be disassembled and replace the cells but need spot welding or soldering but not recommanded

can be done with soldering but must be careful

Google cand find for you company that perform this type of job or search on YouTube how to replace laptop battery cells

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Clauberty is correct, compact 4 battery.
Finally I found the company, named ADS-TEC from Germany, but the battery price + shipping + customs will be too expensive for me, so I think I will try to change the cells as clauberty advise.
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