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Skoda 1.6tdi stage 1 pcr2.1 please anybody could rate this tune

Hello friends

I have tune for skoda 1.6tdi after this file car started black smoke on driving need a professional to rate this tune please

Best Regards

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upload ori as well
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well, that is not for sure a stage 1, injector quantity is way too Hight.
You should discuss the matter with your tuner.
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i have tested stage 1 for this ecu , PM me if not solved
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I would say this has some copy/paste parts (e.g. Smoke lim by MAP strange values) , and I have few concerns:
Boost limiter flat 2700mBar - Why?
EGT protection disable - Why?

Conversion de-calibrated - why in this way?
It it suppose to have DPF and EGR off.
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Bad bad bad ! 

If you interested in dyno tested tuning 140hp 330nm contact us !

Kind regards
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(03-26-2020, 03:54 PM)beytus61 Wrote: Bad bad bad ! 

If you interested in dyno tested tuning 140hp 330nm contact us !

Kind regards


Please give few arguments why is: bad bad bad?
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Bad.. If you interesting contact me

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