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Smart 451 Trans-clutch problem
I own a 451 Smart F1 Pulse version with 84hp.No faults or error codes,like totally nothing in all ecus.Clutch disk is at 56% as shown from DAS.
So my problem is the following,it releases clutch all fine,no hard hits or hard starts or anything,all gears work perfect except from when i "push" it and hit the accelaration pedal to the max for a couple of gears and i stop at the next trafic light,the next start even if i gently push the pedal to start normal this time,it feels like a small kick,like it wants to start fast(the kick is noticeable) but at the middle of "releasing" the clutch,it presses again the clutch like it's releasing it normal for a normal start.The kick is noticeable for a few minutes until it "cools down" or turn off the car.
Btw this "kick" also happens if i stop after i push it and change to reverse(to put reverse i wait till car totally stops moving,wait for 3-5 seconds then change to neutral,then wait for a 3 seconds again and then i select reverse gear).
No sounds or scratches from changing gears are heard,gears get selected perfect but,when i hit the pedal to go back in reverse i feel the kick the same way i feel it when it does it in 1st gear.
I don't know if it's from the clutch disk,i think it's software issue but again i guess i would feel the kick everytime it pushes/releases the clutch to change gears,at least a bit less from when it starts wth 1st gear if it was(similar problem with a DSG tran in an VW).This happens only when car starts to move from standing,only after i push it a bit.
Friends from a local Smart club told me that if i update the software it will be fixed,some say that clutch gets warmed up pretty easy after pushing the car and i might also need to change clutch. 39
So my question is,anybody else had same problem?Did you do a software update,change clutch or sth??

I repeat,no metal sounds or "scratches" or any other sound is made during this "kick".
It feels like when you are driving a manual transmission car and you let the clutch a bit fast and car kicks a bit when it starts rolling.

I'm all ears folks! Big Grin
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the try to make a software udpate in TCU unit,

teach clutch with xentry

and if not solve need new clutch
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