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Surface Pro vs ????? for All in One Mobile Unit Audi/VW VCDS ETKA ELSAWIN

Hi everyone!

So ive been using Parallels to run windows 7 and have been using that for VCDS, ETKA and ElsaWin. However, while this does work excellent its running on a 15' Retina and is a bit clunky to hold in the car and set down when not in use.

So ive been looking to options so far ive looked at...

Surface pro 2 128 variant
Old School Sony UX150,250 ect
and Motion Computings LE1700 tablet PC.

All have there goods an bads. My main focus is to have something thats not clunk and decent battery life. Surface being the most expensive, but can also be utilized for other things making it even my iPad replacement. While the old school sony has a tiny form factor which is great for coding, but might struggle with practical use like viewing repair guides and some still go for 500 on ebay.

What are you all using out there?

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yeah mate, i use a surface pro for all my vcds stuff and it is quite handy however lately i have been using my large dell xps as it is always charged and i rarely have the surface on charge.

all in all, surface is great for vcds but i do use elsawin and etka mainly on the laptop on my office.
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