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Sven Heusler - - CHEAT

Dear friends,
I used the services of this scammer, the files were not good, so I have to send them several times for repair.
In the last two days I asked for the correction of two Files, because the car did not work well, he closed my case and asked again for 60 euros per File for correction.
Not to mention how rude and arrogant he is.
So friends don’t buy files from this man.
Have a nice day
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Thanks given by: sabian
bad website
all see
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Thanks given by: stefks
I have in the past same bad experience , give me not working file and never return my money back
Thanks given by: stefks
no problems with the Fileservice until now.
best regards.
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about that file service, i had the same problem.
i bought the credit to do 5 files, and only one goes well at first attempt.
the other 4 times i had to write 2 or 3 times to have cars ok..
sometimes , after 2 or 3 attempts, wrote me that he had no other solution and refound me credit.
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ask him :

he is here a member
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i know, i have already contacted him, when i had first problems with file..
if i undestand well, he works with 3 or 4 other guys
Sven also is very good seller, i have bought tool and charger from him ,never had a problem..
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