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TSB Access

Do anyone here have access to Peugeot TSB´s

I very curious what´s in the following one :1PP8-B1HW01DJQ0
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hi i have what you need?
pherhaps i can help
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I'm looking for a TSB related to 508 and the fault code: 

VIN is VF38EBHZTFL041732

I saw that there was a TSB for 3008 regarding that code 1PP8-B1HW01DJQ0
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i will look at monday if i have time ok?
Thanks given by: Ihlberg82
Appreciate it! Smile
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Configuration of the engine management ECU.

2. Service Action

Automatic configuration of the engine management ECU.

2.1. Fault code reading

ESSENTIAL : It is compulsory to carry out diagnostics using the diagnostic tool in internet connected mode, with compulsory identification of the technician authorised to use the guided methods : Select the "Fault finding" menu. Carry out the "reading of fault codes". At the end of the global test, wait for the Diagnostics tab to start up (home screen with selection of methods by domain). Quit the Diagnostics session, returning to the home tab. Validate the message "Do you wish to quit the current session?"

Read the fault codes : •If fault code P15A4 is present : Apply this information
•If fault code P15A4 is absent : Do not apply this document

N.B. : The fault code may be accompanied by other fault codes

2.2. Repair

Perform an automatic configuration of the engine management ECU .
Thanks given by: Ihlberg82 , familyman , AndyCZ
yes telecode the engine ecu and it shoud be good Smile
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Alright 🙂 

So you think this TSB applies to 508 as well?

I did read somewhere that this code could come up on certain engine models and because some of them don't have oil pressure regulation, the fault code couldn't be deleted until some coding was done

Question from a Peugeot noob:
What does telcode mean?
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yes its the same tsb for this 508 with this vin.

telecode is the coding from the ecu.
you can do it manual or by conection to psa but for this you must pay.

or go to a dealer and he do it but i think not for free
Thanks given by: Ihlberg82

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