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Thank You Neocccp!

Hi All! I just want tell about my experience with professional work made by Neocccp.I drive truck ,have issues with all know issues ...try del myself,and something go wrong.I drive with overboost,poor mpg and "tight" timming...engine pull right,but I'm worry like hell.I know always job made by Neocccp is done right,i ask for help i the middle of nowhere where I am.Neo help me fix my own shit,fix everything and i never experienced smooth drive like now.Is nothing wrong to learn and try own work in own truck,but with risk of f**k off engine,there is no room for game.Now i smile when my engine make mrrr...and property work.I saw many bad tune and good i made on own ,is lot better to know person like Neo and pull freight safety and worry free.
Thanks again Neocccp and other people who bring best solution dedicated to truck owner,shop and just driver who is on the end and have dealing with this.Have Nice Day All and keep safe.
Thanks for reading .

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Neocccp. The best men in the world for PTT. I buy his program and works 200 procent. When I need update or reactivate than he responds immediately. I was before him whit another reseller here but it’s shit support whit canaba. Lucky I found this great guy. Thanks neocccp
Thanks given by:
Anyone looking for help with volvo trucks drop neo a line.
Always fast to respond, provides top quality service.
Highly recommended.
Thanks given by: shurkett
I've just started using Neocccp 6 months ago and he has done great work in deleting emissions in machinery. He has mostly done Volvo and Cat for me and he is a wizard! I highly recommend!! Easy to work with... A real Gentleman!
Thanks given by: shurkett

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