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Tool for GM/Holden ABS bleed and radio programming?

I'm looking for a tool compatible with Series I Holden VE Commodore/Pontiac G8/Vauxhaul VXR8/Chevrolet Lumina/Caprice chassis. First I need the ABS Automated Bleed Procedure found on Tech 2. Second, I need radio programming to enable/modify some features.

I have looked at the Tech 2 clones, MDI, Mongoose, and VXDiag. I have a lot of software already downloaded just glancing over features, but I'm not sure which tool I need to accommodate these features for the best price?
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tech2 clones are limited. get an MDI or another device that works with Tech2Win and you'll be fine. I use my AVDI and its great. there's prob cheaper options though
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My advice is spend the money on a genuine pass thru box solid hardware and you can run what you have stated and more. As the man said green Mvci is a good choice. They can be had on ebay right now for 600 bucks. Or try to pick up a drew unit used. I saw a cardaqplus2 go on auction for 180! The other day. Dont expect that good of a deal but they are out there...[/quote]
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