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Tool for read edc17c54 and remove speed limit

Hi ,
Today i have try to read ecu from 2012 VW Crafter with edc17c54,
not work with kess and k-tag clone in boot (ecu not recognized)

I think to buy new tool , my kess have Firmware 4.036
and ktag V3.099, i have use k-suite v2.06 And 2.10 same problem,

With witch clone can i read correctly this ecu ?
or reflash nxp of my kess can work ?

I have galletto v54 but not try, i think same problem with him and not like this tool...

And need to know how to remove speed limit at 160 Kmh please

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I'm using MagPro X17 for dpf off via OBD port and no problem occurred. Also I did this with original MPSS. Check the list of clone MPSS and if available buy clone MPSS
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Speed Limit you can change with VAS / ODIS on this Vehicle with EDC17c54
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dont try can only set it lower.not higher.
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