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Total Noob Questions - Need guidance
Hello guys. Many people call me and ask if we can mess with immobilizers

I see some potential on this area for my shop and I would be intrested in learning more about it and how I can offer this service

First of all, is it possible to work with someone experienced? (as a dealer of him?)

Can I use Kess or Ktag in order to offer solutions or need extra equipment?

Is there any guide that will allow me to know more about when I need to do immo off, immo virgin, key reprogramming etc? Because I really have no idea about them and when I need to do each of them

Thank you in advance and sorry for silly questions
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No question is silly
I struggled with a audi tt the other day as it is a Immo2 car and i hadn't worked on anything older than immo4 even my avdi wouldn't work on immo2!

Immo work is normally in the 24c(xx) chips where xx is the number of lines of info 24c04 vs 24c128 etc
You will also come across 25Xcc and 95Xxx (24CLxx on newer vw's) they are all 8 pin soic chips

Best tool I use for wide coverage is VVDI Prog
I pair this with VVDI MB tool, VVDI2 and AVDI so it is an investment
I have to say with the tools I have its easier to program the keys then it is to remove the immo - the only immo off i do is for the second hand ecu's we sell so they are a direct plug and play, even then if we have the old ecu or a working key we normally code them

If you spend time on here and look for people asking for pins or immo off you can down load the file before and after someone has modified it and then do a side by side comparison with any good hex editor program
there is no guide I know of and I haven't written one yet!!

Most immo's on new 2010(approx) or newer will have multiple locations for data
search on here with the brands of car you think you will be doing and that will give you the basics of where and how
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Thank you very much for your time James. I really appreciate your effort to explain all these basics to me.

So to further understand this there are 2 options:

1) Buy good equipment, find keys and reprogram them with this equipment

2) Do immo off only in case that we want to use a used ECU to a vehicle or if we can't reprogram keys

Is that correct? So most of the customer will come to me when they lose keys write? So I will need to use the equipment you have attached to reprogram them

Not sure if this is correct but that's what I undestood from what you said in general
Thanks given by:
immo off is only needed for used ecu and related items to sell on internet

otherwise just program the keys to the unit -

tools for immo off is same for key program to read the data for key programming ie it is half the tools

buy avdi and the modules you need as you need them to spread the cost
buy VVDi2 and only do vag & psa and learn slowly then do BMW as vvdi2 is ok but not good on all bmw so you need to learn the easier ones first so you know your way around a bit

vw immo 4 is easiest to learn
If you have read a post by anyone on this forum and it helped
please leave thanks and reputation, the two buttons below it takes only 1 second
its especially important to new users to recieve and give Thanks James
Thanks given by: diagnostix , TuningIsArt , KriyenKPp
Great information mate.

I am intrested in key programming at the moment then as a noob. I will expand on immo off when I am more familiar. I think VVDi2 for vag & PSA key reprogramming is enough for me to start. I will mess with other models later when I am ready

Thank you very much again. I will start messing with them as soon as possible and I will ask if I need anything on these tools

Have a nice weekend James
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that is a good option
you will need a VVDI PROG as well they are only £350 so not much and are they best way to read many chips - plus it works with the other vvdi tools to make complete solutions you dont need any adaptors with it as you can use the plugs and adaptors that come for free and a soldering iron
but i would buy the 79cxx adapter as it works on lots of things
If you have read a post by anyone on this forum and it helped
please leave thanks and reputation, the two buttons below it takes only 1 second
its especially important to new users to recieve and give Thanks James
i would recommend a eeprom programmer most cars till 2006

PSA, VAG, FIAT ect model can be done with a simple eeprom programmer and hot air soldering station.
Older MB can be done virgin in eeprom.
Renault virgin in eeprom

newer cars like EDC17 - still waiting for Chinese to copy something useful, because original tools are not cost efficient currently for me.
Thanks given by: narkeleptk , KriyenKPp
If your a real shop I think you will find a much better value with genuine tools:
Tango from scorpio-lk
Xprog from eldb
TL866II from xgecu
Great tools for starting out on immo systems:

Not to sure about your region so don't really know what OBD tools to suggest for you.
Thanks given by: KriyenKPp , TuningIsArt
Great info....
Immolab also have alot of immo data you can check on their website too
if you think you know, then you are right,
if you think you don't know,you are right!

Thanks given by: KriyenKPp

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