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Toyota hybrid battery state of health

Dear colleagues,

Thank you for your helpfull data spread on this great site.
I would like to ask you about your best suggested procedure to perform a State of Health check for HV battery of Toyota and Lexus hybrid cars.
Would the voltages of the blocks be enough for that?
And when - or at which state of charge- the data has to be recorded?!

Currently I am looking at the voltage deviation between maximum and minimum voltages across the pack; and as you know the smaller the better.

It would be great if you can suggest a complete procedure; and whether if you can suggest a percentage or a level of health of the battery accordingly.

Many thanks in advance,
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every cell will be 7,5 V 7,4 is good but not less...
Thanks given by: Mohammad alhassan
(05-31-2018, 04:46 PM)rvd1950 Wrote: every cell will be 7,5 V 7,4 is good but not less...

Thank you for your reply.
Ok; but at which SOC level??
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see this video
press thanks & rep if I help you
Thanks given by: Mohammad alhassan
THank you for that link; but I mean using a scan tool. That if I can estimate the lifetime or capacity.
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only way to know how the capacity is of every single cel is to charge it fully and recharge it.
I do this a lot with ima sticks for honda its principal the same
first charge till is full connect a lbulp on the cell and measure the time from start till its going out
how longer the bulb is burning the better the cel is.
didnt try it on a Toyota cell honda has 16 17 volt on each cell(stick) Toyota about 7.5volt so u have to use something thats working on that voltage it doesnt have to be a bulp if you now the power off the bulb(or something thats taking power) you can calculate the capacity by time
there re also tools for it but the prices for those tools are to expensive
also the temperature is verry importent if temperature by ;load or unload the cell is verry high it means it has a big resistance
best is to experiment with it a litle the voltage isnt saying anything about the capacity
Thanks given by: Mohammad alhassan
Thanks for that data; but I need a procedure as a predictive failure. The customer asks for a health test for his car’s traction battery. He needs to know how long would his HV battery last?
What is the capacity of his battery at the moment?
What is the problems- if any- of his battery?

I dont have to disassmble the whole battery, I have my scan tool, I access the live data of the battery, charge and discharge the battery and collect the data that may give ma an indication of the state of the battery and accordingly I would give him the results.
So the question is what is the data that give me the most accurate result?
And what that tesult has to be, a percentage, pass, fail, or expected lifetime left?!

Many thanks in advance.
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