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Trasdata error 011028 on Me17.3.0
Hi guys! i had to remap a 500 Abarth euro 6 with ecu ME17.3.0, i've readed it with new trasdata (ktag 6.070), all ok, then, i modified the file and then writed succesfully. Car start and runs fine, no errors. Yesterday, i had to increase a little more the turbo pressure, but when i did the id, trasdata has returned an error, E011028, not valid response from microcontroller.
Ecu is not damaged fisically and i didn't solder any cable on it, i've used the needles. Someone had the same problem?
Now i can't id, read or write Sad
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Check again your pin out ...
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Checked thousand times...
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very time l have seen valid response from microcontroller is connections
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i have the same trouble with mercedes edc17cp46 gpt. doing id with 10 attempts & then works fine.
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(10-12-2017, 11:45 AM)@[email protected] Wrote: very time l have seen valid response from microcontroller is connections

Connections are ok, the firsttime, readed and writed without problems. Yesterday, nothing to do, trasdata identified the mpc, TC1724, then, when tried to identify the extflash (not present) i've got the error. Tryed 10+ times, checked connections, changed trasdata cable ecc...
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Hi All!
Any body solved error [E011028] ??? HeadbangHeadbangHeadbang
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Nothing Sad
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