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Update digiprog 4.94 AFD68C070000 free for all mhh forum

hi guys, free for all. 049

upgrade for AFD68C070000 v4.88 to v4.94


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tested, problems with update
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(03-18-2015, 10:30 PM)Moivr6 Wrote: hi guys, free for all. 049

upgrade for AFD68C070000 v4.88 to v4.94


I have tested not work:Sweating
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im pay for this.. im buy in 360obd, my digiprog dont have a fdti 232 to update.. im waiting to test, whats the problem?
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im test now..but dont work.. the status stop in 3 seconds, but dont kill the digiprog.

today send one email to shop.. im waiting news..

sorry and waiting soluctions.
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I have the same...
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buy another.. this serial.. have a counter and bloked some modules to finish countdown.. :-(
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This update files are 100% OK!
but you have to programing 28f800/28f800 in some flashe programer device no on DIGI PCB
just put DIGI1 in one chip and DIGI2 to another one. My DG3 is now 4.94
Thanks given by: Moivr6
Im only try by USB, good news man! thanks for your test!
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