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Upgrading chinese Che Bao Master KTag to latest FW possible with all protocols

Hi again dear fellow mates.bow

I have this chinese Che Bao Master Ktag which I purchased a few years ago and it came with SW 1.89 although it runs with other chinese SW versions but FW is 5.001, therefore lots of vehicles are not accessible.

Would like to know if it is possible to upgrade FW by using J-Link although manufacturer scratched the NPX ID and a few other soic 8 chips so I don't know what series NPX it has.

Attached is link to photos of the unit and it's PCB so the techies here may take a look and advise if it is possible to upgrade or needs to refix PCB so it may work with latest SW/FW with all protocols enabled.
If so could you kindly inform me.

Best regards.bow

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Chinese Che Bao Master KTag photos link.txt

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That firm can update to 6.070 with j-link without problems and soft 2.11

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(02-04-2017, 12:28 PM)queroseno Wrote: That firm can update to 6.070 with j-link without problems and soft 2.11


That's good to know if in fact true, but your answer does not suffice as in order to do so I will need the proper FW to write onto NPX and proper SW for the SD card.
Question is where to find such SW and FW that won't mess up the tool beyond repair.Nerd
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try and search for software on forum,ksuite,hex or bin for flash and sd and tokens
many solutions are some members
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