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V2018.12 BMW E/F Scanner 3 different kinds, FEEDBACK? BMW EXPLORER CLONE

Hi guys, seems new bmw explorer clone

i want to ask about this tool, i dont do odometer  and key, i do coding

anyone knows if with basic version you can do coding?

what about this tool? 81 bucks if can do coding i see so cheap

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USB DCAN lead with NCSExpert, and ENET lead with E-Sys can do coding and is much cheaper.
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but is much more easier bmw explorer isnt it?
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until someone buys it from here in the forum and gives feedback,i dont believe a word that these sellers say..
usually it works on 40% of what they say...And if you see feedback on ebay aliexpress and all this, they say "half of the claimed does not work"
Actions Prove who someone is,words just prove who they pretend to be.
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