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VAG flash file for free. SGO.FRF

Hi all.
I have a big flash file collection for VAG cars. SGO.FRF file.
Post what you need. I will try to help you, when I have a time.
If I helped please press thanks+reputation button.
Thanks given by: figani , AlexH , abdo harb , panadan , grude4

Iam searching fore a while to a orinal file from a:

Vw Golf 1k1 R32 3.2 bub, and than for a manual transmission.
It schould be for the 022906032CD ecu.

Thankyou for watching!!
Kind Regards, Herzliche Grüße, Met vriendelijke groeten
From Holland!!

Ocmer , Drive

And if you accused someone, first check if this is true, and do your homework, or ask him at PM !!!!! To ask him! 41

Thanks given by:
I don't find orig sgo file for 022906031CD. But have 5g40q21g.hex for 022906031CD 6732
Thanks given by:
need ori file... (see foto)

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
VW DriveTup <<< Help you- press THNKS and REP >>>
Thanks given by:
(10-29-2018, 09:31 PM)bumbastik Wrote: need ori file... (see foto)

I find 03L906019HC_4816, 7177,or last 8170,

What do you need?
Thanks given by:
Hi, you have File from Audi 03L906022RB 6552?
170HP 2.0TDI
Thanks given by:
(10-30-2018, 09:14 PM)Hyphonics Wrote: Hi, you have File from Audi 03L906022RB 6552?
170HP 2.0TDI

Here is.
Thanks given by:
need old file EDC16 for
A8 3.0TDI

4E0907401B / 4E0910401B
Thanks given by:
I have last sw.
Thanks given by: mistera

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