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VAS6154A clone and ODIS 4.1.4-S?

Hi there,

has anyone had any success getting the new VAS6154A wifi head working with ODIS 4.1.4-Service on Win10 x64? I cannot get the VAS6154A to be seen by ODIS 4.1.4. The driver supplied with the clone successfully sees the clone and also allows it to have its firmware updated. I configure it as USB attached and then launch from the driver ODIS-S but no success. I have connected to the clone via WiFi and that doesnt work either.

I will now try 4.1.3 and see if that works.

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i can try fix help you
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Maybe because this VAS6154 clones have nothing to do with original VAS6154 devices from ACTIA.
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(09-12-2017, 11:25 AM)laco210 Wrote: Maybe because this VAS6154 clones have nothing to do with original VAS6154 devices from ACTIA.

I think you are correct. Some sites mention installing as VAS5054 which defeats the purpose of getting a VAS6154 and running ODIS-S natively under win10 x64. Looks like trusty 5054A on win7 VM is still the only way to work.

What was interesting however is the VAS6154 manager software allowed the clone to have a firmware update. This update isn't from the chinese clone company
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Does not exist clone the new Vas6154 head yet..........Shake
Any Vas6154 that you watch on many chinese shops or ebay or...... they are just Vas5054a in a Vas6154 case/box........1087
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thanks. You are absolutely correct... Do not buy :-) I was obviously hoping to be able to have ODIS running under windows 10 x64. Only way to do this is to buy an OEM VAS6154
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