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VCDS 15.7 was working but won't open anymore

This is quite bizarre, installed it about 2 months back and was working until recently, won't launch on both laptops. I have a fully chipped VAS5054a if that helps. Using 15.7 which came with the cloned tool.
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Check if the correct drivers are installend.. Is the usb device shown?
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VCDS won't launch so how can i check?
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You want to use vas5054 tool to 15.7.x vcds software?!
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Vas5054a is for odis software not vcds
Vcds is for vagcom interface
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The correct interface should say "Hex+Can" on one side, and Genuine Ross-Tech on the other.
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I have vcds 15.7 with red pcb. After 2 or 3 month on that same laptop interface havn't connection with car. It seems so after some using interface ending our work. Its a programed into interface?
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Solved. required vcds cable plugged to your computer. if you unplug it program won't open. than plug it open.
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I have this problem too. Does anybody know what seems to be reason for this and how to solve it?
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