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VCDS Clone - Driver issue

While I using VCDS my laptop gone to standby mode. After waking up compter, Windows wanted install driver for Ross-Tech HEX-USB.

[Image: 1.PNG]

[Image: 2.PNG]

[Image: 3.PNG]

Version: VCDS AKP 10.6.5
Driver version: Ross-Tech USB Drive Package (06/16/2010 2.06.02)

System restore point doesn't help
Uninstall/Install VCDS doesn't help

Windows doesn't see drivers. Can somebody share working drivers + setup ?
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Its not about installing drivers
Your Atmega was erased
Well you can use MProg and I can share to you the ept file to remake your ftdi
First of all you have to tell me What ftdi it has your tool
I belive that it is ftdi BL but I will let you tell me.
In my opinion as I allready told you your tool is erased
And it need reflashed
Ofcourse in both cases you need to reflash your FTDI
Good luck
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