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VCDS loader v8.0/v9.2 and 19.6.0EN / 19.6.0HGJ / 19.6.1EN

Here guys without pass free for all from KOLIMER loader v8.0 and v9.2
v8.0 works fine with 19.6.0 EN/HGJ.

Rar file contains:
Loader v8.0
Loader v9.2
Vcds 19.6.0EN  
Vcds 19.6.0HGJ
Vcds 19.6.1EN


625 bytes

All thanks goes to KOLIMER!!
[Image: 28hzfbo.png]
report links not working Smile can you fix?
Thanks given by:
I just checked and link are working for me. Which link is not working?
[Image: 28hzfbo.png]
Thanks given by:
all of them Smile I will make small video

video link :
Thanks given by:
Links updated.
[Image: 28hzfbo.png]
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Can tell me please if this loader are working with vcds hex v2 cable...?

i have vcds 18.9.1 hex v2 china cable...
Thanks given by:
If interface is with atmega162 chip then yes.
There is no hex v2 clone. All hex v2 clones are old interface in new housing.
[Image: 28hzfbo.png]
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Hi everyone ..

someone know if the loader works with original VCDS interface ( don't want use other vin ..) ?

Thank you
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It won't work with genuine vcds.
[Image: 28hzfbo.png]
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