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VCDS need software

Hey guys,

I have vcds 12.12 but i want new version because i have much polo's with crash. I repair them but i still have no working steering. He give fault that the crash is activated... So can someone help me to give me a new version of vcds en help me with programming because i never did something like that.. i Have the cable and there is something writed like: HEX+CAN Dual-k & can <-> USB VAG 12.12
is there someone who can help me with this ?
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Here is every bit of info you need to upgrade your tool(if the hardware is compatible).

But i doubt you can clear the Crash data with VCDS. You probably need something like Abrites for stuff like that.
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I agree with luc.b. I doubt you can clear the crash data with the VCDS.
I know it goes against the spirit of some on this forum, but I suggest you buy a VCDS from RossTech. I bought one 13 years ago. It is always up to date and never causes a problem. I don't ever have to pay for updates and the information on their website is invaluable. The guys at RossTech do a good job and deserve to make a living. My sentiments do not apply to the vehicle manufacturers. At least in the US, they make it very hard ($$$) for us (I run a small repair shop) to compete with the new car dealer.
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Oke i understand. Hmm i heard about abrites.. i will look for it ! Thanks guys!
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