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VVDI and VVDI2 experience

I got original abrites and just for fun I bought cloned fvdi which seems to work quite OK (I wasn't enough brave to connect it and messed up with MB but the rest...).

What are your experience with VVDI or VVDI2? Does k-line communication work good and tag tool got all options? Is it better than FVDI?
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My vvdi2 works great!
There immotool gets updated.
My avdi had a better micronas tool, but the vvdi2 is good for newer models.
The tagkeytool, is not bad.
And it has never messed up any job.
And there is no sneaky AMS!
That is why i bought mine, and left my avdi stuck at v23.0.
Thanks given by: darox2005 , JarsaR
I confirm VVDI2 is very good tool make by Xhorse company its not the copy ,Also programer VVDI-PROG ,VVDI MB and CONDOR key machine very good stock for this money ,only VVDI2 has one bad point for me, dont have service mode by OBD but all the rest is fine ,

K-line working wary well ,testing many cars buy my self
Thanks given by: diagnostix , Honda12
where is the best an cheapest way to by vvdi2 full?
Thanks given by: Honda12
vvdishop . com is the official site for vvdi tools?
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