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VW RNS315 map update

I created a summary of all the info I could find until now about this.

Phones that work:
Nokia E71 - Symbian S60 v9.2
Nokia E72 - Symbian S60 V9.3
Nokia 6220 - Symbian S60 V9.3
Nokia E51 - Symbian S60 v9.2
Nokia E52 - Symbian S60 V9.3
Nokia N82 - Symbian S60 v9.2
Nokia N97 - Symbian S60 v9.4
Nokia C5 - Symbian S60 V9.3
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - Symbian S60 v9.4
Nokia 700 - Symbian Belle
Nokia 701 - Symbian Belle
Nokia 6220 - Symbian S60 V9.3
Nokia 5230 - Symbian S60 v9.4
Asha 210
nokia c6-00

Phones that have been reported not to work:
* Nokia E65 - Symbian V9.1 S60
* Nokia E61i - Symbian V9.1 S60

Laptops that work:
hp probook 470 g3
Lenovo X121e
HP pavilion DV6500
Toshiba Satellite Skullcandy
Lenovo 420
Asus x550l
Asus x550c
Dell Latitude E6540
Lenovo Yoga 700
Lenovo Ideapad 300
DELL Vostro 15 3000
Dell E6410
HP Pavilion DV6700

Card is best to be 64gb Samsung EVO+ because the 32gb has some fakes that won't do it. If card is made in Philipines it most probably won't work!

For the V8 maps of east and west Europe and the mmc tools go the link from the attachment.


55 bytes

Also you can download the manual from the other attachment as it is the most detailed I've found.


2.38 KB
Thanks given by: ToMiBoY , istvan31 , Smart 450 , klonone , dany25360 , arias
Has anyone tried any of the other methods to format the card? I'm not an android user...


65 bytes
Thanks given by: istvan31 , Smart 450

Is also possible with a N73 or N8?
What is the right 64gb Samsung EVO+ card? MB-MC64D or MB-MC64DA/EU or MB-MC64DA/AM or MB-MC64DA/CA
Thanks given by:
anyone can confirm abaout other working sd cards? not just samsung evo , maybe there is a tool to change cid on evry single sd card
Thanks given by:
armani85 - Not very likely. Read here:

New Text Document (2).txt

69 bytes

Smart 450 - I don't know. I haven't had the opportunity to test but I'm guessing N73 won't work because it is Symbian OS 9.1. As for the N8 it is possible if it has Belle(like 700 and 701). And about the card - the condition is it to be original. No one has found a non working 64gb EVO+ until now so no need to be so specific about the models you mention.
Thanks given by: klonone
Another laptop that's confirmed to work:
Dell Latitude E4310

Another Nokia reported to work:
N97 mini
Thanks given by:
Another laptop that's confirmed to work:
Acer Extensa 5620Z

Another SD card confirmed to work:

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
[Image: pinkpanthershowm.jpg]
Thanks given by:
Lenovo X220 and X230 tested and working OK.
Thanks given by: tommie
With microsd card working good

[Image: 34sBsqT.jpg]
Thanks given by:

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