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VXdiag, What works and what's not working.. a short list.

Hello guys,

Some of you may have read my thread where I do a review on these VXdiag (Ford/Mazda/Honda/JLR/Toyota/Subaru) devices.

I own one of them with licence for Ford/Mazda/Honda/JLR.

[Image: 2015-New-Arrival-VXDIAG-MULTI-3-IN-1-For...l-With.jpg]

I've been having problems using it with Ford/Mazda IDS at first but now I've come to a point where I succeed using it for programming Ford/Mazda cars.

To be honest... that's the only function I was looking for.... Programming or reprogramming Ford/Mazda modules but I had honda & JLR licence for 10$ extra so I went for it, but Honda HDS software that works with it is very old... (3.014...useless) and I feel safer to run JLR with my cardaq+

I think that's the main reason I wasn't able to program module with it... now that I only use VCM2 driver, it's working.

So for those who have interest in this device.. or already owns the device, I'm making a list of the functions I tried and the result of these tests.

Feel free to contribute. Post:
- Car info
- IDS version #
- Function used and results.


2005 Ford Five Hundred (3L)
Ford IDS 101.4 (VM)
GEM module reprogramming - SUCCESS

. .

2008 Mazda 3 (2L)
Mazda IDS 103.02
PCM module reprogramming - SUCCESS

. .

2007 Ford Expedition (5.4L)
Ford IDS 101.4 (VM)
DSCM module installation (PMI) - SUCCESS
LTM Liftgate/trunk module reprogramming - SUCCESS
PCM module reprogramming - FAILED (had to use FMP)

Edit : Allscanner confirmed the problem with 5.4 engine

[Image: Screenshot_2017_01_15_21_59_19.png]
Toyota/Lexus Flash files (USA)
Dodge flash files
Hyundai / Kia Immo off (gas)
Thanks given by: nymike , csrford , temo4ka , Nikko187
Tested on a 2005 Mazda Tribute ( Ford Escape )

Mazda IDS 103.4

PCM reprogramming : failed
IC P.M.I. : Success
GEM P.M.I. : Success
Engine relative compression test : failed
Toyota/Lexus Flash files (USA)
Dodge flash files
Hyundai / Kia Immo off (gas)
Thanks given by: csrford , temo4ka
97 F-150 (4.2)

IDS V100.03

IC PMI - Failed
PATS - Failed

08 Mustang GT/ 06 Explorer 4.6 3V (Plus many others)

IDS V100.01 & V100.03

Data-logging - very few if any pull up (those that do are really SLOW)
Mode 6 - Shows all 0 for everything
Fuel Syetem Test - Failed (at injector flow rate test)
Power Balance - Failed (doesn't show the blue line)
Headbang If I help you please give Thankyou and Rep!
Thanks given by: MrPhil , Nikko187

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