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Video driver problem after installing Xentry 03.2018

I have a very strange problem after installing Xentry 03.2018.
First i have installed Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x86 with all current updates and drivers on laptop Lenovo ThinkPad T420.
Next i have started the Xentry 03.2018 installation with an active internet connection.
After the installation have finished, i was asked to restart the computer and after that something happened with the video driver Intel HD Graphics 3000. Now there is a yellow warning on it and the device cannot be started.
I have tried everything to install the driver again from Lenovo and from Intel too with no success. Due to this problem the maximum screen resolution is limited to 1024x768.
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Try to uninstall/restart/back ins safe mode and install the video driver from safe mode and see if any difference.
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same problem.
unistall driver etc..i'm afraid of losing my license
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Same problem on dell6540, but i have discrete card amd, after unistalling all video drivers and install only for intel problem with driver away, but screen working very slow, now im trying install xdos with switched off discrete card amd
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I have managed to overcome this issue somehow. I have installed Windows 7 from a different release and without installing the updates from microsoft (i disabled windows update) and after installing Xentry 03.2018 everything is ok. Now the video driver is operating correctly.
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Thanks given by: Makson4eg , arabde
Same problem here on 2 other machines running Win 7 x86
Is it the only way to do a new install without windows updates?

I've noticed that the video driver stopped with error 43...

Edit: Solution is to uninstall Windows Updates KB3185319, KB4284826 and KB4103718 (I think it's only KB4103718, not sure... I uninstalled them one after the other)

Go to "Control Panel/Programs and Features" then hit "view installed updates" then right klick the update and uninstall (restart)
Thanks given by: Venya
I was having same issue in windows 10, i updated all updates before i installed
xdos, then go to control panel/administrative tools/services
scroll down to windows update service.
1.under general tab stop service,set to disabled
2. under select this account and add .\Guest as a user leave password blank
3.under recovery make sure all 3 are set to take no action and apply
4. go to control panel/system/device manager/display adapter, right click the display adapter(s) uninstall, reboot if prompted
it will install a Microsoft Basic Display Adapter
this will fix the issue
Thanks given by: Marcos , Rocinante
same you after install xentry 07.2018 Video driver Intel HD Graphics Error 43

i can not fix
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I had the same problem with a Toshiba Tecra. The Intel graphics driver was installed without errors. But the computer did not start anymore - Windows can not be started. I now use the Standard VGA driver and everything is ok.

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