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Virtual Read Need Seat Leon EDC17c74 HW:04L90730909R SW:04L906026BQ 1199

Hello, everyone, I need Virtual Read for the next vehicle. I know that the safest thing to do is to boot. Has anyone done them for OBD with Kess V2 2.23 Euro ?. Thank you
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New encryption key different for ECU HW used for this SW. Think no way to write this SW through OBD nowtime.
Using boot for this ECU is the best way.
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Mate, no VR file is available on Alientech server for sw 04L906026BQ_1199.
You also need to remove ECU from Car and do with KTAG on Boot.
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MMS MagPro2 Master | MMS Flex Master | Kess 5.017 EU cp2000 | Ktag 7.020 EU cp2000 | ECM Full | WinOLS | Swiftec
Dynamometer Cartec LPS 2510 BRK 2WD (SportDevices)
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