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Volvo V50 injector coding

Hi friends, 
I have a v50 d2 2011 1.6d that had a faulty injector. I replaced it with a good second hand one, and im getting codes intermittently on all injectors now. The car runs great but with some spikes from time to time. 

I am thinking that maybe the second hand injector needs coding. I tried to find option for the injector coding on Vida Dice but it seems like it can not do it. Will autocom or any other software manage to do it? 
This is the code i am getting, and similar codes for the other injectors too. 
P02CF Cylinder 2 Fuel Injector Offset Learning At Max Limit
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Reset learning values and try to adapt while driving. description is in diagnostic tool: (...accelerate to over 3000 rpm and release throttle and let engine go under 1600 rpm. repeat many times...)

if it does not help you will need to check injectors and replace them possibly ...
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Have same problem with s60 2011r.

Autocom 2013. 3, launch 431, wurth, autel ds808 cant write injector code.
Only vida online in service can write injector code to ECU and then Reset learning values and try to adapt while driving as Bibobabo wrote.BR
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Thanks guys. I did the adaption (go to 2500rpm amd then let the rpm fall down to 1500rpm) still getting the fault code. I will send it to volvo dealer, 160euro for coding the injectors and then adapting them. I will write the result here.
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had also same problem twice ion a volvo one time voltage was to low must be above 13volt and one time ecu was damaged by water
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To future readers of this thread:
I replaced all injectors with better used ones. Coded the numbers from injectors and made adaption - voila - no more faultcode p02cf or other codes on injectors.
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