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Volvo v70 2.4 D5 2002y

No communication with the engine controller. I write flash and stil is the same problem.
I set up a second ECU, moved the EPROM from the old one and the communication is there.
The first time the engine started and turned off, now the engine starts after a long spinning with the starter and immediately turn off

Error in  CEM
CEM-1A58 Communication With The Phone Module (PHM). Signal Missing
CEM-1A59 Communication With The Audio Module (AUM). Signal Missing.
CEM-1A62 Communication With The Engine Control Module (ECM). Signal Missing.

Error in  ECM
ECM-8700 Engine Control Module (ECM)
ECM-639A Injector Class Not Programmed.
ECM-7120 Engine Control Module (ECM)
ECM-3600 Engine Shutdown
ECM-6220 Ecu-box Cooling Fan.
ECM-940A Brake Position Sensor
ECM-140A Boost Pressure Sensor
ECM-E003 Configuration Faul
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