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W202 EIS - EZS 0D69J Repair
Hi there folks....

So I had a client with a W202 that just required a spare key.....
I removed the External 0D69J as I usually do and read it and then put it back to solder. I left the Hotair station on and got busy talking on the phone and so it overheated the chip and board.
I managed to write the data which I saved on the PC to a 1D69J which I had laying around.
I then generated keys and tested the keys on the bench and they worked.
However when I gave the EIS and keys to client he says that Ignition comes on, Dash lights up buyt car won't crank the engine.
I got the EIS back and no removed the Internal Eeprom and External and read them both and see that the data differs.... The key info seems to differ.
Can somebody help match the internal and external eeprom data for me please.......
Do I need to change both to 1D69J or is it fine with 1 X 0D69J and the other 1D69J?

Thanks alot

Attached Files
W202 - 11-10-2017.rar
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 29 times
Size: 663 bytes

Thanks given by:
This ext is hash error
repaired, try and report

Attached Files
File Type: .zip
Downloaded: 21 times
Size: 718 bytes

Thanks given by: obeids , KriyenKPp
(10-12-2017, 11:15 AM)leaser Wrote: This ext is hash error
repaired, try and report

Hi thanks

Can I use the 1D69J that I got from another EIS and write this file from you?
Somebody was saying that I must get exact same EEPROM from SAME part number EIS.
Thanks given by:
I got another exact same EIS and loaded the External MCU dump to both and the car starts and drives. Everything seems to work besides engine fan. Is it becuase of EIS or can it be something else?
When I had faulty dump on then engine fan would come on all the time.
Thanks given by:
adapation menu in EIS for either engine driven fan or elec suction fan i think is how is worded checkor change coding make sure AC module has similar settings if didital pushbutton is installed
Thanks given by:
I have given the car back to customer and told them to take it to Mercedes specialist as I have already sold me MB star and will wait for new MB start to arrive in New Year.
Thanks given by:

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