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W204 C230 No Sound Harman Kardon

Hi anyone can help me on  my W204 C230 T  radio Audio 20 all works radio usb  cd but no sound i have harman kardon 7 logic Sadsmile

the harman kardon logic 7 is also missing in menu

[Image: screenshot-20190216-214528-drive-1003103...919470.jpg]

[Image: 20190213_210505-jpg.39589]
[Image: 20190213_185653-jpg.39591]

[Image: 20190216_155555-jpg.39590]
[Image: 209450498-w988-h480.jpg]
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try to unplug the unit first for 10 minutes so it can reset itself. Unit is missing part number and software number too. That is no good..

As the MOST code is not active now it may be heat / loose component related. However I have not seen this with the PA units so far. Melco are notorious for these kind of issues which impacts MOST
Mercedes Comand/Audio region change, repairs, flashing Japan, USA and ECE 
Conversion: (no remote): NTG5.5 NTG5 NTG4.7 NTG4.5 NTG4 NTG2.5
Repair (only EU): NTG5/NTG4/NTG3/NTG2.5/NTG2/NTG1
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Disconnect battery and wait. try read again hu software. if not ok, i think, hu can't save coding most data and sound don't work. hu error hardware.
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Looks like Update was activated withouth the disc's. Reset should help if HW is in takt.

Sieht aus nach aktiviertem Software update ohne update CD's. Mach mal lang reset (Akku über Nacht abklemmen) und es sollte wieder funzen….
Thanks given by: 123step
Many thanks to all who answered so fast
Toned the battery tonight and I'll connect tomorrow morning and hope that it will work tomorrow, let me know if it works

Thanks for your info

Danke für die info
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Did you change your amplifier?
Thanks given by: 123step
Unfortunately, it did not work with the battery hate the night  without success

I have bought a second used amplifier even without success, still no sound
I have the amplifier with xentry controlled  fan ,speaker
that's all  is ok out of the speakers came sound
that can be more on the Audio 20 Radio ?

I'm at the 1.3 date at mercedes
hope that I can do it earlier mercedes will expensive invoice

what do you think what that can be
everything suddenly not more

I did not adjust or did anything else on the car

An update with the telematics cd would help if i had one
I did not find any

Have xentry 9.2014 C3 from a friend her I can test something else
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Flash amplifier - problem gone Smile
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Can I do the Flash  it myself or do I have to go to mercedes
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