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W204 lost Bluetooth and Navi

Hi guys.

This customer spilled his coffee on COMAND round control knob in center console. So the knob was replaced with a new one. And then (he says) his Bluetooth and Navi went away. That's when I was called in. Tried doing scn COMAND ECU, but it returns an error (see picture).

I then tried entering engineer mode in COMAND screen.. it just won't enter engineer mode... Always stays on radio screen.

No DTC at all. Any idea , anyone ?[Image: 2194c9488059a11a9367ccbaba6a36c5.jpg][Image: 239e95d5e462b7b5f4844eeb4c9538ad.jpg]
Toyota/Lexus Flash files (USA)
Dodge flash files
PM for more info
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