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W211 Eis mcu data corrupted

When we have the SSID from the broken EIS, what are the next steps?
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Thanks given by: Freezzby
first things first i think you confused terminology
eis=electronic ignition switch (you posted dumps above flash looks ok but half of eeprom is missing)
esl=electronic steering lock (on steering column when car is manual or esm = electronic shift selector if automatic normally eeprom 93c56 in there)

SSID is stored in other components like cluster,airbag module... that's why its easier to find original one then you wont have to chase other components on a car

post esl/esm dump 9 times out of 10 in a situation like this dump in there will be corrupt as well

post ssid you got from cluster with carprog

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Thanks given by: Freezzby
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