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W906 ignition ok, car not start , EIS problem?

Hello friends,

i have problem still some days can not solve. we have W906 Mercedes. On begin problem was put key in eis not possible to turn key in eis. Then we changed ELV with Julie emulator. Then it was possible to turns key, but car not possible to start. Then we have read with STAR Diagnostic we get possibilty fault: EIS Clamp 50 no Signal.

Then we have bought eis from Ebay and swapped eeprom Data from Old to new put in car and same Result. After that we have check all fuses, all ok. Although replaced SAM MODUL and same result.

Now we dont no what have to do, could someone please help us.

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new keys to your dump

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thanks but not work, i made 2 keys, key 3 and key 6 as key dump. same result ,´key turns but car not start.
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Check ECU!

Start enable?
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or elv bad coding on eis
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i took old elv out, was very difficult because was locked, so i replaced with another elv and orginal circuit board , not possible to turn key, this means something wrong with elv board, inside is nec processor, with emulator turns key but car not start
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no all emu work for w906
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(05-30-2018, 07:00 PM)mb_port Wrote: no all emu work for w906

yes correct not all works with emulator make org ELV

the problem is the ecu has no power 12v i had the same problem
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Esl virginize by KKL, send me dump EZS and dump ecu eeprom.
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