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Why my kess V2 don't read some cars?

I reworked my China kess fully as per other posts on this and other forum (genuine parts from Digikey) and yes it's not working properly (I think). I just want to use it with my car and no luck.
Here how it goes.
My car Audi edc16cp34 no ID, on CAN have unmatched key n, on Kline wake up error.
BMW E60 535d edc16 read ok
Seat Leon edc15+ no ID
Seat Leon edc16 read ok
Other thing is as Audi and seat leon edc15+ was remapped previously and maybe someone put there OBD protection? How to be sure? Also this two cars reads 'maps only' on Mpps.

So what is wrong, is there any method to check if tool is working properly?

Here's some photos, one trace was damaged and then connected (checked with meter), resonator was changed as well for big one.
Put comments on photos if notice something.
Or comment here.

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do you use a battery charger ?
i work with a non rework china (red pcb) and all works fine
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