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Willem 4.5 lpt port, laptop usb port, can I use adaptor parallel port usb?
Hi, my name is Dana, im fron Venezuela. I think that this is a great website and I hope that U can help me.

I buy a Willem 4.5 programmer, it have a parallel port, bet may two laptop only have usb port. I investigated by internet and many adapter are for impresor.

It will be posssible use this adapter for Willem programmer? Someone was used one? Is good?

Another opcion?

Thank everyone.Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
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You can but try. Some adapters are better than others. Or just buy an old laptop or pc on ebay which has one. Speed is not important to read/write chips.
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Thank for your answer diagnostix. I need to know if someone used this type of adapter, and works ok.
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I don't think anyone could give you an exact answer as these adaptor are hit & miss, some may work with specific laptop but not others & vice versa. Try as diagnostix said.

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Have old Willem Programmer too with LPT port
I use old Laptop IBM T30, work great
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Welcome danna, I’ve got one Willem eeprom programmer like yours and I think it’s a very good machine but you will need more potencial programmers, like xprog, orange 5, etc

Regards from Spain

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