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Yanhua Mini ACDP reviews

Hi guys, can anyone share some reviews about Yanhua Mini ACDP? Does it do what it says it does? Thanks
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Hi BANotts

I have just ordered and received the BMW Full ACDP Kit.
Items listed in stock by seller but then item was delayed as the had to get them from supplier!! Then gave me incorrect tracking number.

First impressions are not great. Customer support is awful, Also because they are in China the time difference can cause problems if you need help asap.
The Basic Kit comes in a Black case, but any extra modules do not fit in the case and have to be carried separately.
All the parts are Plastic as you would expect but look and feel very cheaply made and fragile.

The first thing I tried was to Refresh BMW E Series keys. It did not work. All connected correctly, tried 3 different keys all had a Debug error.
I then Tried to Read the ISN from a MED172 Open Shell. All Connected Correctly. This also failed.
The only thing I have successfully done is reading Flash from a FRM module.

It needs to be connected to same Router(Network) as phone or pc to work, so as soon as I go out the house, it doesn't work.
I have read that you can connect using phones Hotspot option, but I'm yet to get this working.

I have not found any full instructions on this product and its not supplied with any real in depth instructions.

I will update as I try more, Hope that helps

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No joy with Cas3 via Obd.
Apparently because it’s Software version is above ISTA P-45?? 🙄
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