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abs coding help


I need help on retrieving original abs code. it is not the long code, the max entry is up to 7 numbers, previous garage erased it by mistake and didn`t take a note of original value.

Car is a Seat leon II 2006 2.0 tdi

vin: VSSZZZ1PZ7R002911

1K0907379AC ESP FRONZT MK60 0101

abs light and traction conrol light on dash and continuous bleeping

fault code says "Control module not coded"

i am able to read the ecu data in a similar format i get a code for the ecu as a 7 numbers but i dont know if that value can be used

if anyone has a way to calculate, or can put me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it

p.s i read online somewhere that pr codes may work if you can locate them

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If you use VCDS and have scanned the car before look in your log files and see if you can retrieve it.
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thanks for the reply

i haven`t scanned this car before, the previous garage somehow erased the code and were unable to retrieve it back, is there a way by using VCDS i can get he original code back, also thanks for the Rosstech link, i have been through it earlier and if you can just explain how to use it, as it shows a lot of codes, obviously the code that is marked up next to the car is 0000000,

is it that i have to build up the code via the specs of the car, if so extra guidance would be appreciated.

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EDIT: i just read the small note the additional and the sum of the codes is the code, if the number is only 4-5 digits long shall i just add zeros infront to make it a complete 7 digit number or leave it and try.
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i used the ross tech link and the sum of the options on the car and got the correct code

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