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acert trim file needed
I have a NXS acert that I need a trim file for. A550310977C7 and 9901 is the pass for it. Thanks in advance!
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Just go 5232 or 6999 across the board. If you want the actual one I can get it when i get to my computer
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(07-13-2018, 04:59 PM)binderman01 Wrote: Just go 5232 or 6999 across the board. If you want the actual one I can get it when i get to my computer

Its on an acert which dont use 4 digit trim codes. If you have this file Id sure appreciate it. I bought a set and this one had a damaged cd in it.

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Shoot. I was to tired to notice it was acert! Give me a few
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trim file attached

Attached Files
File Type: .rar
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Size: 540 bytes

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Thanks alot I sure do appreciate it! I wish i had more time to add input here but i work 90-100 hours a week in North Dakota. Greatest forum on the net!
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no problem. im in the same boat, usually working 16+hr days. i try to help when i can too, and its nice to receive help when needed!
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